Rules For Thee But Not For Me: The COP 26 Globalist Edition

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The COP 26 Climate Summit in Scotland is a complete joke — and the joke is on us.

You might think that the masters of the universe attending this “transformative” climate summit would show a little compassion when lecturing the little people about our CO2 crimes and climate malfeasance, especially after arriving in their private luxury jets, yachts, and massive motorcades. But you would be wrong. This is another shining example of “rules for thee, but not for me.” Total hypocrites!

These globalist control freaks have no qualms with destroying everyone else’s standard of living, but they can’t be troubled to do anything that would impede their own rock-n-roll lifestyle. They are just too important. Perhaps they are a step closer to God than the rest of us and therefore warrant such special treatment.

Our globalist overlords and overlord wannabes need to be called out at every turn. It doesn’t matter where you live in the “free” world. Tyrants gonna tyrant, and you must stand up to them. They must be ridiculed, lampooned, and berated for their utter hypocrisy, for their stupidity, and most of all their promotion of despotism.

Those who seek to lord over us are evil sociopaths, and they do not care about our well-being or the environment. The powerful never have. They seek to enslave us, the ‘unwashed” and unworthy masses, and will stop at nothing to do so.

The so-called climate crises is merely and encore to the unsuccessful Covid-19 “pandemic” operation to achieve world domination. This is about total control — nothing more.

Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News is once again masterful in his verbal evisceration of these pieces of sh@t. I agree wholeheartedly agree with PJW. Bezos, Biden, Gates, Prince Charles, and their ilk can all piss off!