Vaccination Causes Covid Variants

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by Paul Craig Roberts via

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The Unvaccinated Are Not Fueling COVID Variants

‘Super mutant’ Covid strain triggers emergency response

These “mutant strains” or variants are produced in response to the Covid vaccine. In other words, Fauci, Big Pharma, the medical establishment, and dumbshit politicians have unleashed an ever changing virus upon the world. The only hope is to immediately stop all Covid vaccination.

The Covid vaccinated are a grave threat to the unvaccinated, not only because the vaccinated “shed” the virus, thus spreading the virus to others, but also because the vaccine enables the virus to mutate in order to escape an immune response. The immunity the mutated variant of the virus achieves from the vaccine also gives the virus protection against the innate human immune system. In other words, people who have not damaged their innate immune system by taking the vaccine could now be confronted with a variant that their immune system is less able to repel.

What Fauci has done by financing the creation of the Covid-19 virus and by walking Big Pharma’s “vaccine” through the emergency use process is to create a Frankenstein virus capable of escaping immune responses.

How bad for humanity this turns out to be remains to be seen. What we do know is the more people are vaccinated, the worse it will be. All Covid vaccination should be stopped immediately before damage to the immune system makes more people susceptible to illnesses and death.

If we add in to the equation the known facts that the vaccine itself causes injurious and lethal side-effects and damages the innate immune system, making the vaccinated more susceptible to all other viruses and diseases, the Covid vaccine is a threat to human life on the level of thermonuclear weapons.

To attribute the Covid “vaccine” to a mere mistake of the medical establishment seems farfetched. Covid-19 was not a threat that justified the risk of a gene-altering experimental vaccine being used on the mass of humanity. It really does look like a program to reduce the human population.

If the new variants prove to be more infectious and more deadly, what will an incompetent or corrupt medical establishment blame them on? Will the unvaccinated continue to be the scapegoat? Will Australia’s concentration camps spread throughout the world? Will a new virus be released to blame for the failure of the mRNA vaccine? Is a release of smallpox in our future?

We have reached the point where it is clear that we can have zero confidence in the medical establishment, an establishment that intentionally withholds known safe and effective treatments from dying patients in order to maximize its revenues

Judging by the high rates of vaccination in the Western countries, majorities of populations have been brainwashed and see the deadly vaccination protocol as protection. The media has systematically misrepresented the Covid threat from the beginning and is now too responsible for scaring mass numbers of people into injury and death to own up to the facts. The media will continue to lie in order to protect itself and the medical establishment.

It seems the governments of the “free world” will not be content until 100% vaccination rates are enforced either via Austria’s policy of confining the entire population to house arrest or Australia’s policy of herding people into concentration camps.

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