A Brief Overview of Fort Detrick and Its Bioweapons Legacy

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Pyramid showing the four BSLs with the lowest risk microbes at the bottom, representing BSL-1, and the highest risk microbes at the top, representing BSL-4.

From Dr. Joseph Mercola and his article America’s Bioweapon Secrets:

– Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, is home to the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases where deadly agents like Ebola, smallpox and anthrax are studied

– Fort Detrick research has included testing biological agents, exposing animals and humans to toxic sprays, engineering dust to oat like anthrax and creating lethal drops, powders, sprays, toothpaste and cigars intended to assassinate foreign leaders

–  Safety lapses are known to occur; in 2002, anthrax was leaked from Fort Detrick and it was later reported that “multiple episodes of contamination may have occurred”

– While offensive biowarfare research was ended in the U.S. in 1969, and the U.S. and China adopted a treaty banning the development of bioweapons, there are loopholes. Namely, defensive bioweapons research is still allowed

It seems to me that defensive bioweapons research and offensive bioweapons research are really just distinctions without a difference…and it now appears obvious that countries involved is such research are just playing with fire.

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola: