CDC Data Shows COVID-19 Deaths Are Declining Dramatically

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As of September 11, 2021, the CDC’s Provisional Death Counts for Covid-19 data shows a dramatic decline in deaths involving Covid-19 from the previous week and since the peak on August 28. The CDC report shows 2,691 Covid-related deaths in the US from September 5 – 11, 2021. This averages to 54 deaths per state for the entire week. Yes, 54 weekly deaths per state–that’s less than 8 deaths per day on average in your state.

President Biden is enthusiastically taking a giant dump on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for a disease that, while potentially dangerous for our most elderly, is not a threat to most people. Don’t buy the hype. Vaccine mandates are not about your health nor the health of your community (quite the contrary), they are about one thing and one thing only–control.

If we let them have it, we will never get it back.