CDC/VAERS Reports Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Exceed 30,000

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Covid Vaccine

As of April 22, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports 1,247,131 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events since the first jab. VAERS also reports covid vaccine deaths continue to climb higher despite declining vaccination rates.

Notably, this week’s VAERS data shows 30,056 deaths from the covid investigational vaccines. This is a weekly increase of 0.7% from last week’s report of 29,849. The death rate has been trending under 2% since mid-February 2022, so this may be a good sign. Yet, the numbers are still problematic since fewer people appear to be getting vaccinated or boosted.

Further, VAERS reports 53,229 permanent disabilities have been caused by the covid jabs. This is an increase of 0.9% from last week. The system also shows that a total of 32,296 life threatening events have occurred from these gene therapy vaccines.

VAERS Reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths – All Locations (Source: CDC/VAERS)

If these covid vaccines are so safe, why do the VAERS numbers continue to increase every week? Moreover, why has Pfizer been hiding troublesome covid vaccine data.

Over 1.24 million people are now reported to have been negatively impacted (or killed) by these experimental covid jabs in the past 71 weeks. This is up 0.8% from last week—and every week the numbers grow. If that’s not enough, previously obscure diseases seem to be increasing in frequency.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff Explains Why Covid Vaccines May Be So Dangerous

MIT senior research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains in great biological detail why covid vaccines may be so detrimental to our health. I highly recommend watching her video. It’s a bit technical, but worth an hour of your time:

For a deeper dive into Dr. Seneff’s research, I have provided a PDF (below) of her peer-reviewed paper with Greg Nigh Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19.

Myocarditis and The Covid Vaccines

Of course, everyone knows by now that covid jabs are strongly linked to myocarditis, especially in the young, but take a look at these numbers. It’s not even close. Nearly 98% of all VAERS reported myocarditis issues are associated with the covid vaccines! This is mind-boggling:

VAERS Reported Myocarditis Events All Locations (Source: CDC/VAERS)

VAERS Covid Vaccine Deaths And Adverse Events Massively Underreported

Even without accounting for historically low vaccine injury reporting in VAERS, the data for major Covid-19 vaccine adverse events is trending up. If we continue to see weekly deaths increase by 0.7%, then we should expect VAERS to about 39,000 deaths from the jab by the end of 2022. This is likely only the tip of the iceberg as recent insurance death data is revealing some alarming results.

Similarly, at a weekly rate increase of 0.9%, we could expect to see over 76,000 permanent disabilities by New Year’s day 2023.

This is disturbing— and very likely understated due to under-reporting considerations associated with the VAERS reporting system.

With 1,247,131 total adverse events reported, it is plainly apparent that the covid jabs certainly aren’t “safe” for many people. Moreover, if we consider the excellent analysis by Steve Kirsch and account for his VAERS under-reporting factor (URF) of 41, we have likely exceeded 1.2 million  total deaths from the covid jabs (41 times 30,056).

VAERS Early-Warning Indications Being Ignored By Big Medicine

VAERS is intended to serve as an early-warning system to flag vaccine safety issues. With now over 1.23 million injuries and deaths reported, you would think that the CDC would immediately shut down this ridiculous mass vaccination experiment and investigate.

This Covid-19 mass vaccinations and boosters are too dangerous, and they are clearly not doing much to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 or its viral mutations.

The arrival and prevalence of Omicron in the vaccinated population also serves as strong evidence of the jab’s ineffectiveness. Are we supposed to believe that the current vaccines, which were designed to address the original virus, will fare any better with future SARS-CoV-2 mutations? And, are these jabs really worth the risk for most people given their waning benefits?

These jabs are nothing more than a state-sanctioned golden goose for CDC’s paymaster, Big Pharma. The CDC’s mass vaccination policy has been an epic fail for public health, and it very well may have disastrous long-term consequences for the young and our future generations.

Editor’s Note: You can stay up to date on the most recent VAERS covid-19 death and injury data by visiting Fast Rope’s Jab Data page.