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COVID Vaccines Do Not Impact Infection

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Research shows increases in COVID-19 cases are completely unrelated to levels of vaccination in 68 countries worldwide and 2,947 counties in the U.S. The data from U.S. counties showed similar trends, with new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people being “largely similar” regardless of the vaccination rate Of the five U.S. […]

The Vaccine Is More Dangerous than Covid-19

In this video Dr. Peter McCullough discusses how the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are more dangerous than Covid-19 itself. Interestingly, Dr. McCullough stresses that the CDC and FDA are sponsors of the Covid vaccine program, and therefore have no right or proper role in determining vaccine-related deaths. These institutions are completely biased. (29 minutes)

Pfizer Is Calling the Shots to Jab Kids

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Public Citizen has reviewed and published the secret contracts between Pfizer and Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, the European Commission, Peru, the U.S. and the U.K. The contracts reveal nations have handed over unprecedented power to Pfizer, and in virtually all scenarios, Pfizer’s interests come first Some countries, […]