Japanese Clinical Trial Concludes Ivermectin Is “Safe and Effective” Treatment of Covid

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by Paul Craig Roberts via Institute for Political Economy

“Ivermectin has the same antiviral effect” on all mutant strains, including Alpha, Delta, and Omicron. Kowa added that ivermectin suppresses invasion of the virus and inhibits its replication.”

As you can see, I have told you the truth about Ivermectin, while Fauci, Biden, CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH, the medical establishment, and the whore Western media and social media tyrants have lied to you through their teeth while censoring those who knew for a fact that Ivermectin was an effective treatment that was being blocked and denied to dying people simply for the sake of Big Pharma profits and the control over people and destruction of civil liberty desired by Western governments and the ruling elites to whom Governments answer.

What we have experienced is not a mistake. We have, and are, experiencing an intentional mass murder event. No one needed to die. The vaccine is not only pointless as a preventative, it itself is a cause of health problems and death. The entire establishment knows this; yet they continue to push vaccination.

Are we going to let these despicable criminals get away with a crime that far exceeds Nazi crimes tried at Nuremberg?


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Reprinted with permission from Institute for Political Economy.