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Why Are the CDC, FDA, and WHO Demonizing Ivermectin?

Dr. Paul Marik is heroic for his herculean efforts to bring inexpensive, effective, and safe treatment options to all people dealing with Covid-19, not just those living in developed world. Moreover, he is in the trenches fighting the disease, not in some ivory tower countermanding the judgement of the front line medical doctors. Vijaya Vishwanathan, […]

Swiss Policy Research Covid-19 Treatment Protocols – Ivermectin Makes the List

Swiss Policy Research has an English language overview of Covid-19 protocols commonly used for prophylactic or early treatment of people at high risk or exposure to Covid-19. Just like the FLCCC Alliance, ivermectin is included on the list of treatment options: Based on the available scientific evidence and current clinical experience, the SPR Collaboration recommends […]