Online Job Sites for the Unvaccinated

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Old Timer Structural Worker, 1930 - Lewis Hine

I just received this list online job sites for the unvaccintated from a good friend. He is a management consultant and most recently the CEO of a digital risk insurance company. I have not used any of these job sites personally, but they might be worth checking out if you have to look for a new job due to your Covid-19 vaccine status.

Just remember there are lots of jobs out there and many people who support freedom and liberty. Find these people, and share your discovery with other like minded individuals. Pay it forward. The good energy will come back to you.

Sure, these opportunities appear to be the exceptions, or loopholes, in an economic system that has been thoroughly perverted by crony capitalists and more broadly state capitalism. We certainly live in the new abnormal. However, as the great Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises once noted in reference to the tax code “capitalism breathes through those loopholes.” In a world that has fallen under the spell of centralized power, authoritarians, and tyrants, I think it is safe to say that liberty also breathes through similar loopholes. We just need to find them.

We are unlikely to change the entrenched thinking of most large, establishment-oriented corporate entities, so trying to advance change from within is generally ill-advised. Instead, we should focus our energy on building our own institutions–institutions rooted in the liberty and individual responsibility–and we should actively seek those who share our same values.

Life is too short (or too long) to work for people or companies who don’t share your same morals, ethics, or values…or worse, think you are the enemy.

Online Job Sites:

Red Balloon or No Vax Jobs

Unvaxxxed Workers

Vaccine Free Jobs

Freedom Job Network

Jobs Not Jabs

Vantage Point Careers