Strategy of Viral War

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written by Dr. Valerie Donaldson

October 1, 2021

As we continue to battle a virus that has taken down economies and killed millions, it becomes clear we need a strategy for combat; not only now, but for the future.

Today I’m sharing an interview conducted September 24, 2021, entitled ‘Meeting of the COVID-19 Giants’ discussing strategy for containing Covid-19.  Are we headed the right direction?  Are there other considerations?   I encourage you to listen to it.

‘Meeting of the Covid-19 Giants’ is a 2 hour Interview by UK physician Dr. Phillip McMillian, with  Geert Vanden Bossche DVM. PhD  in Virology from Belgium, and Robert Malone MD virologist and immunologist from the USA who designed the first mammalian mRNA vaccines in 1988-89, but not the current vaccines.  Using older technology, Dr. Malone is currently working on a new vaccine Novavax which should be coming out this quarter.

This interview sets the stage for different possibilities using those vaccinated and those unvaccinated as part of the strategy against Covid-19.  Is a balance in order? Discussed is the concept if we all look the same immunologically to a virus, “the naturally selected, more infectious immune escape Covid-19 variants gain advantage”.

Looking at graphs showing the number of cases and number of deaths from Covid-19 in different countries, gives us a glimpse of outcomes of different strategies used by different countries. Do the numbers make sense?  What is really happening?

India, currently 16.8% fully vaccinated continues to document a decreasing number of Covid-19 cases approximately 27,000 a day with concurrent decrease in deaths to around 280 a day.*

UK, currently 67.2% fully vaccinated continues to have approximately 36,000 cases a day since early July, with the number of deaths around 200 a day. **

How can we best utilize vaccine technology or do we need a combination therapy of vaccine and drugs and nutritionally healthy people?  Can mRNA technology be used as a drug?

Enjoy the interview and have an awesome day!  Dr D.




Reprinted with permission from Regenerative Medicine Center.