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Build Back Better? With What Resources?

by Chris MacIntosh via International Man Here’s the current budget deficit. The blue is good and the orange is bad. You can see a lot of orange, and after 2008 things have been decidedly “orange.” Since there is no actual cash in the piggy bank the US government has to borrow it. Meanwhile, debt spirals higher. […]

All Hell Will Break Loose for Humanity

by Egon von Greyerz via Gold Switzerland We are now at the end of an era of economic and moral decadence in a debt infested world built on false values, fake money and abysmal leadership. All hell will break loose. The consequences will be fatal for the world. There are eras in history which have […]

And if Russia Defaults?

by Robert Aro via This Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will address the world to likely announce the raising of interest rates. With the first rate hike in several years and the promise to reduce the balance sheet later this year, the stage for 2022 will be set. Also tomorrow, per CNN: …Moscow […]

How Markets Tank & Gold Rises

by Matthew Piepenburg via Gold Switzerland Critical warning signs from the credit and rates markets are being ignored by tough-talking experts while gold bides its time before it rises in a global financial crisis mathematically too sick to save. It is fascinating to watch market pundits, policy makers, commercial bankers and other media-supported experts talk […]

Visualizing the State of Global Debt, by Country

by Raul Amoros and Christina Kostandi View the expanded version of this infographic to see all countries. Visualizing the State of Global Debt, by Country Since COVID-19 started its spread around the world in 2020, the global economy has been put to the test with supply chain disruptions, price volatility for commodities, challenges in the […]