Will Federal Employees Be Mandated To Get Future Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’ Boosters?

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You can count on it.

For all you federal employees who remain on the fence about the mandated Covid-19 jabs, now is the time to push back. Many of you have a few days before your required jab deadline. Don’t fall for the trap. You need to reject this governmental overreach by refusing to consent to these dangerous gene therapy injections. By doing so, you will also be setting the standard of resistance for the rest of the country. If enough of you refuse, the government will back down just like Southwest Airlines did.

If you don’t refuse now, you (and the rest of us) will likely have very little health freedom in the future. After the precedent is established, you will be nothing more than a perpetual lab rat for the enrichment of Big Pharma and its government cronies. And eventually, the rest of America will find itself facing a similar dilemma.

Mark my words, the federal government won’t stop with Covid-19 booster jabs either. Next, it could be influenza, anthrax, ebola, botulinum toxin, or Covid-25 — you name it — whatever the ‘crises’ of the day requires. The experimental mRNA ‘vaccine’ manufacturing facilities are running full steam, and you will serve as their eternal test subjects as a condition of your employment.

Now is the time to be courageous. Now is the time to be on the right side of history. Stand up for your health freedom. Stand up for the rest of us. Refuse to comply!