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Children Are Next for Mandated COVID-19 Jabs

The article, Children Are Next in Line for Mandated Coronavirus Vaccine Shots, by Adam Dick of the Ron Paul Institute should come as no surprise to the people who follow this blog. Mandated Covid-19 vaccines are simply about control, nothing more. A society that is willing to force its children, who are at near zero […]

Vaccine Mandates for Working American Citizens But Not for Illegal Immigrants

We officially live in an Orwellian banana republic twilight zone. US armed forces are scattered all over the world protecting “our freedoms,” making the world “safe for democracy,” and preventing the “terrorists” from breaching our sovereign borders in order to keep Americans safe, and the White House just indifferently admits that illegal immigrants, who are […]

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Gift to Corporations

Companies are suffering a shortage of employees, and many companies are happy to receive government’s help. Bionic Mosquito elaborates: … Companies are desperately trying to get back to business as usual, and mandating vaccines is among the best ways to accomplish that. But a labor shortage had tied their hands, as businesses have been worried […]

Still Think The Vaccines Are Totally Safe?

This recently released data from VAERS seems to suggest otherwise. Megan Redshaw of the Children’s Health Defense has a great analysis of this recent data release from the National Vaccine Information Center at LewRockwell.com. Interestingly, she also reports that the CDC found it necessary to revise the definition of vaccine. I wonder why? CDC changes […]