What Is Socialism and How Can We Fight It?

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What is socialism?

Do have the feeling that socialism is bad, but don’t know why or what to do about it? Are you looking for tools to reverse its surging popularity with the younger generations? Then, watch this excellent video by the Mises Institute. It explains the problems with socialism in less than four minutes. More importantly, the video explains why socialism is evil and why it won’t work. Share it with your high-schoolers. Share it with anyone who may be vulnerable to the sweet sounding platitudes of socialist rhetoric.

However, if you have 30 minutes to spare, you simply cannot beat the entire animated Mises series Economics for Beginners. It will provide a lifetime immunity from socialism. The series is also free and there are no sign-up requirements. There is more value in this Mises series than a semester of college. It could absolutely change a young person’s life, or your own.

If you already know that government is incapable of solving society’s problems, but don’t know why, then I highly recommend reading The Problem with Socialism. This book will provide greater insights into the evils of socialism, without getting bogged down in Marxist philosophy. It would make an ideal gift for any college-bound person, especially if they might need an inoculation against socialism–a certifiably dangerous ‘virus’ running rampant on college campuses. This is the real pandemic currently sweeping the globe.

How can we fight the spread of this evil system of government? The answer is simple. We must educate people, and we should especially focus on those who are most receptive. Ideas should be judged according to their results, not on their promises. We must constantly communicate why socialism is bad and why it won’t work. We must show everyone why liberty is the answer!