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Why Are the CDC, FDA, and WHO Demonizing Ivermectin?

Dr. Paul Marik is heroic for his herculean efforts to bring inexpensive, effective, and safe treatment options to all people dealing with Covid-19, not just those living in developed world. Moreover, he is in the trenches fighting the disease, not in some ivory tower countermanding the judgement of the front line medical doctors. Vijaya Vishwanathan, […]

Why Is the FDA Expediting an RSV mRNA Vaccine?

Oh, boy, here we go again! Is a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) mRNA vaccine something that really needs to be fast-tracked? Why can’t the FDA follow its normal vaccine safety process for mRNA ‘vaccine’ evaluations? This smells of regulatory capture. This wreaks of vaccine companies rushing to promote a “new” and under-evaluated medical technology to […]